Bike Accidents – Motorcycles & Bicycles

Any type of cycling accident can be traumatic, life changing and life threatening, causing personal injury and financial loss, as well as to other parties involved.

Such incidents and circumstances will need to be handled calmly by proper medical treatment and through informed legal expertise to better deal all the different aspects of a potential compensation claim for personal injury. It is paramount that an appropriate insurance policy is in place and an experienced claim company facilitates the entire process.


There are two main types of cycling accidents :-

  1. Motorcycle
  2. Bicycle

All accidents can lead to physical, emotional, psychological and financial injury.


It is important to realise that cycle riders are more visible and exposed than normal automobile users, therefore the potential for greater harm and injury. The cycling accidents can be extremely distressful, painful and have a significant long term psychological impact.


To compensate for such a loss a Solicitor, a compensation claims expert and an insurance company will be employed to handle the details of the cycling accident, personal injury claim will be pursued. The nature of the legal agreement with the solicitor needs to be clarified (such as a ‘no win no fee’ basis).


Costs will be recovered from the guilty party and include :-

  • medical treatment
  • travel expenses
  • whiplash
  • damage to equipment
  • carers expenses
  • financial loss
  • liable parties
  • loss of earnings and impact upon employment life
  • psychological and emotional impact
  • long term recurring illnesses and medical prescriptions
  • social and lifestyle impact


The value of compensation can vary depending upon the type of personal injury and the extent of the damage. The exact details can be discussed with a legal representative.


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