Exchanging Information If You Have A Car Accident

In the unlikely event you are involved in a car accident which causes damage or injury then you must provide your details to the other driver(s) and likewise obtain the said information from the other driver(s).


It is important that :-


  1. You must stop at the scene of the accident according to Section 170 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 irrespective of the scale of the damage, who is to blame and severity of the incident.


  1. You must provide your name, address, vehicle registration, car owners name and insurance details (policy number, company name).


  1. The accident must be reported to the Police within 24 hours, along with full details of the incident and the people involved


  1. The accident must be reported to your insurance company even if you are not claiming damages because the other driver(s) may do so without your knowledge. You must inform the insurance company even if somebody was uninsured because they will be able to advise further and still obtain suitable compensation.



Ensure that you document and gather as much as information from the incident including pictures, videos, details of third parties, witnesses.


Normally uninsured losses are recovered from the other drivers insurer, such as personal injury, policy excess, earnings losses, car hire etc.


If nobody was injured during the incident then you do not need exchange insurance information but it speeds up the process if you can exchange company details and policy numbers, and vice versa to ensure that no injuries surface later in the process.


  1. Gather information from the incident, such as :-



  • People involved in the accident, contact details, vehicle registrations, passenger details, witnesses and if any emergency services arrived


  • Incident details, how many cars, passengers, damage caused etc.


  • Document and record using a phone camera if possible as much as details and evidence of the accident, damage, and so on.


Dr Ghulam S Ashraf – Content Writer for www.greenclaims.co.uk

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