Passenger Accident Claims

Whenever accidents occur especially road traffic, the main focus is always on the main parties involved in the incidents, however in many cases there are passengers on both sides.


The passengers are usually victims whichever angle you analyse this from and in many situations are badly injured requiring regular medical treatment and occur financial loss because they will be unable to continue with their livelihoods for a period of time.


Passengers require care treatment, advice and guidance, both immediately after the accident and subsequently, to deal with the trauma, distress and potential legal representation for any personal injury claim and identification of liability.


Experienced legal Solicitors are needed to guide injured passengers through all the personal injury and insurance policy loopholes and details, so that they can be suitably compensated for any financial loss occurred and appropriate medical treatment is fully funded throughout the duration of need.


Accidents can be serious and leave long lasting impact upon a person’s personal and family life. Victims need to be suitably compensated during their personal injury claims to return them their original state of health and financial recompensed for their trauma and vast expenses occurred.



The process and specific nature of a passenger victims compensation claim and the type of legal agreement with their legal representative (i.e. no win no fee) need to be clarified and agreed.


Depending upon the nature and type of accident (e.g. driver error, under the influence of alcohol/drug when driving, weather, potholes in the road, etc) will help to determine the actual liability of an accident.


A passenger could be injured due to a variety of situations, such as travelling inside a private car, motorbike, cycle, bus or taxi, or injured by these vehicles whilst in a public place.


Contacting GC claim specialists and seeking free guidance on various aspects of a particular incident, and related background can be invaluable in moving forward and helping victims to be at peace with the decisions they undertake.


Passengers need to be treated and valued as human beings who have become victims usually due to no fault of their own, and their compensation claim needs to be appropriately dealt with. In a few rare circumstances, the driver(s) may not be insured suitably and special funds – the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB) fund – need be accessed to resolve their claim.


Irrespective of the nature of the personal injury to a passenger, its unique circumstances and potential outcome of an accident, appropriate legal expert guidance is important.


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