Types Of Accidents

Human beings despite the best of intentions and practices will from time to time become involved in accidents – at work, at home, in their cars, during hobby pastimes and outdoors. These could happen to a variety of circumstances, a few maybe due to nature whilst many others are due to somebody else’s fault or negligence. In the case of the latter victims are entitled to suitable compensation for the damage caused.


There are a variety of personal injury claim and it usually requires some legal expertise (usually a Solicitor) to decipher the subtleties and complexities of the process of making a claim in an appropriate and professional manner. There are many stakeholders who need to be dealt with such as an Insurance company, other party’s legal representative and third parties to ensure your point of view and needs are fully met and considered.


Compensation for personal injury usually falls in two main areas :-


  1. Damages for pain and suffering

These are ascertained by the type and nature of the injury which occurred, medical reports, recurring symptoms and so on. These will include the full range of mental, physical and psychological injury, and will need to be proven through the use of independent experts and medical evidence usually.


  1. Previous and Projected Future Expenses and Losses

All costs and expenses which have already taken place and those projected to occur in the future can also be compensated for in the claim. All costs will need to be verified and proven to be as a result of the injuries sustained during the incident.


Most compensation payments involve a pay out of one lump sum, on a payment of damages on a full and final basis. Sometimes, however there maybe an initial provisional damages payment followed a further award at a future date.


It is worth clarifying with the legal representatives being employed whether they operate on a no win no fee basis so you can avoid unnecessary high financial costs prior to any potential award and also you need to understand exactly the terms and conditions upon which your agreement is based.




Various Types of Personal Injury Cases


  1. Automobile and Road Traffic Accidents

These are the most common form of accident and is mainly a factor of failure to adhere to road traffic rules and regulations, and careless driving. Carelessness implies that they are liable for any resulting financial and other medical injuries arising as a consequence of their negligence. These incidents may impact the driver, a passenger, or a cyclist, motorbike, pedestrian, other vehicles and could lead to minor or serious short and long term medical injuries.


  1. Accidents At Work

Many of these type of accidents occur unintentionally but could have been prevented through a variety of duty of care measures, health and safety provisions, and proper risk management of employees and visitors. There are many employment laws in place and health safety regulations which can help to avoid incidents at work and prevent danger to individuals. There are a wide range of accidents occurring pertaining to premises, machinery, trips, slips, equipment, safety wear, illnesses, manual handling and lifting, for which people can be compensated and employers can be liable.


  1. Accidents Due To Trips, Slips and Falls

These injuries are very common and property owners are mainly legally liable to ensure premises are safe and free from hazards, and to prevent injury and harm. Accidents commonly occur in schools, colleges, supermarkets, public pavements, shops, and restuarants.


  1. Accidents Due To Medical Negligence

Healthcare professionals and institutes such as Doctors, Hospitals, etc are under greater scrutiny to ensure competent, qualified care is provided to all patients and staff.


  1. Injury Due to Animals

The most common one is due to dog bites, and in such cases the owners are financially responsible for any injuries and bites by the dog.


  1. Miscellaneous Other Accidents

There are a variety of other potential types of accident, injuries, illnesses or deliberate harm caused by people or institutes.

Some examples include:-

  • Harm due to faulty products and/or services
  • Faulty work by hairdressers and beauty parlours
  • Accidents/Illness from holidays or visits abroad
  • Public transport accidents
  • Sports injuries
  • Defamation of Character through libel and slander
  • Physical assaults by individuals


Dr Ghulam S Ashraf – Content Writer for www.greenclaims.co.uk

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