Types of Injuries from Accidents

Even though some types of accidents are more common (e.g. road traffic, work, motorbikes, medical negligence) than others, however there are still a significant number of other accidents which happen on regular ongoing basis. The accidents causing personal injury to an individual are diverse, broad and complex.

Therefore, to handle the aftermath and long term repercussions of an accident it requires both medical and legal expertise.


A List of Potential Accidents include :


  1. Automobile Road Accidents (Cars, Lorries, Public Transport)


  1. Bike Accidents (Motorbikes, Cyclists)


  1. Medical Negligence


  1. Passenger


  1. Pedestrians


  1. Work Accidents (Slips Trips Falls, in an office, factory and construction site)


  1. Defective Products

There are numerous reasons why defective products are sold and found in our stores despite stringent health safety and monitoring laws. some of these products may merely cause some small inconvenience or financial loss, whilst others maybe more unsafe such as electrical faults in children’s toys, or baby’s milk powder and so on. There many laws in place to protect consumers and defective products, and recompensation for faulty items. If there are faulty items and still available publicly, they may need to be recalled en mass or at least warnings / further investigations instigated.


Defective products could cause malfunctioning equipment leading to burns; unsafe medical equipment; contaminated food causing poisoning,; cosmetic beauty products cause skin damage;  poorly designed prams causing hand injuries.


  1. Animal Bites such as Dogs

Bites or injuries from dogs, cats or other animals may need medical treatment, and losses incurred as a result of any long term inability to continue with their daily working or social activities. Being bitten can cause a traumatic experience, a deepening psychological fear of animals, distress and the resulting impact may need compensation from the guilty party or parties involved. If an incident does occur then it is important that all the details are recorded such as time, date, location, details, names of parties involved, witness statements, etc for any potential claim. There are numerous health and safety measures in place to deal with dog bites and dangerous dogs such as The Dangerous Dog Act which protects the public from dangerous dogs such as Pit Bull Terriers, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentina, etc.. and requires dogs to be tattooed, chipped, insured and registered on the index of exempted breeds.

Further action may be needed against a dog and its owners if a dangerous breed attacks an individual causing personal injury or harm, and needs to be treated immediately to avoid harm from viruses, rabies or other diseases fatal to humans.


  1. Holiday Accidents

Sometimes a person can have an accident causing injury whilst on holiday away from home or abroad in an unfamiliar setting, which can be distressful and traumatic.  Like any other accident  any injuries sustained require suitable medical treatment for which it is also possible to obtain compensation for any personal injuries sustained and losses incurred, even though it maybe abroad. likewise, it is always recommended to obtain and investigate suitable insurance policies to undertake before embarking on a holiday, because you never know what will happen once you are there.


There are numerous laws and regulations in place to protect us, such as Package Holiday and Package Tour Regulation Act, 1992 Package Travel which help people who have taken holidays abroad to claim compensation for their injury in the UK.


The full nature and details of the holiday accident must be properly recorded, whether in the UK, EU or further abroad. Every staff, company and tour operator has a duty of care to ensure safety of their holiday customers.


Holiday accidents can include examples such as :


  • Road traffic accidents (The Motor Insurers Bureau can help with insurance claims)
  • Injuries obtained on foreign public transport
  • Slip trip fall due to wet flooring
  • Food poisoning from a restaurant
  • Sickness due to poor hotel hygiene
  • Injuries sustained by a defective rental car
  • Injuries due to sports or boat cruises such as skiing during a holiday


  1. Military Accidents

Every employee has the same duty of care from his employers and are protect by the Health and Safety at Work 1978., such as providing the correct training, ensure safety of the environment, maintaining equipment, and manual handling.


The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) created by the government to allow access to compensation for people who have suffered illness, injury or death as a result of military service.


Injuries and accidents sustained due to military service are broad, diverse and complex, and suitable treatment and compensation claims can be equally time consuming.

Sicknesses and illnesses can be diverse, such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), burns, amputations, fractures and fatalities.


  1. Sports Accidents

Exercising is a common way of obtaining sports injuries in a natural genuine manner, however these could also be due to faulty gym equipment, employers/trainers negligence, machinery malfunction, poor treatment by a physiotherapist, lack of safety and poor maintenance. Sometimes spectators are injured whilst attending sports events, such as due to overcrowding, lack of space, poor lighting, maintenance and safety.


Sports injuries may lead to expensive medical treatment, time off work, a loss of earnings, and financial expense. These can be reclaimed.


Sometimes it is not always obvious who is at fault or negligent.

So careful scrutiny and evaluation of all the details of the accident, proper documentation and recording of the incident, type, nature, dates, location, witness statements, laws, audio/video/visual evidence is important by a trained, experienced professionals. This team of experts and their findings can determine whether the compensation claim for personal injury is successful or not, where the liability lies and the amount obtained.


Are You Entitled To Make A Compensation Claim ?

An injured client does not need to know specifics about making claims and what the compensation calculator amount works out to be. Even if a person is unsure then it does not matter, because we at Green Claims regularly help people walk-through the entire compensation claims process and our team of experts can provide suitable legal advice and guidance.


As we are specialists in compensation claims, part of our service is to help people understand if you can make proceed further or not. In order to do this, we discuss everything with you about your incident. We will need to verify, clarify and ask you some questions about your accident such as:

  • When did the accident happen
  • Who was involved in the accident
  • Who was to blame for the accident


Irrespective of your circumstances, if you have been in an accident and it wasn’t your fault, we can help.


Contact Us By Email or Telephone for free, impartial advice.


What Does A Compensation Claim Amount Cover ?

The typical amount of a claim can vary from client to client and depends upon the exact circumstances of the accident, identifying correctly the specifics of the liability and negligence, nature and type of incidents, whether short, medium or long term; whether injury is temporary or permanent, serious or not.


Irrespective of the compensation amount finally received, on a no win no fee agreement, the entire sum will belong to the client. A Solicitor will negotiate a personal injury claim and compile enough data so that the compensation calculator can work out a realistic amount for the client, and will need to take into consideration :

  • Loss of earnings and livelihood
  • Extra costs such as travel, medical treatment, hospitals or funeral
  • Carers costs
  • Dependants claims if they were fully or partially dependent or if the victim were affected by life threatening injuries


How Can Green Claims Help You Now ?

Our team of specialists and legal experts can you guide you through the personal injury claims process.


We give free, impartial advice about making a compensation claim and details of any non win no fee agreements  – this means you are under pressure to start a personal injury claim for your accident with us when you contact us.


But if you do choose to go ahead, we will guide you through the first steps of your compensation claim, work out a potential payment amount based on our compensation calculator and put you forward to one of our experienced claims specialists.


We, as a Compensation Claims Specialists can provide you with the best service possible.


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Dr Ghulam S Ashraf is a Content Writer for www.greenclaims.co.uk

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