Afrezza, is an inhalable insulin developed by Sanofi

Afrezza, is an inhalable insulin developed by Sanofi, the French pharmaceutical company, to enhance quality of life for diabetes patients.


Pioneering inhalation methods aim to be faster, more effective and easier to utilise than injections, however there is perceived greater risk element related to breathing powdered insulin.


Afrezza has been launched into the USA market to compete with existing brands such as Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly, who provide established injectable insulin.

The Afrezza slimline whistle-sized inhaler is an improvement on previous unsuccessful bulky ones produced by Pfizer (Exubera), which aims to control blood-sugar levels for type1 and 2 diabetes.


The new inhaler should not be used for patients who have asthma or smokers.


The new inhaler is aiming to enter the domestic sales market systematically and grow moderately with time.

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