Malaysia – The Asian Tiger

Malaysia is located within South East Asia and is a popular destination for visitors, tourists and businessmen alike, with its beautiful weather, rainforests and cosmopolitan influences from local Malayans, European, Chinese and Indian heritage.

The country is a popular retirement location for many thousands and is an enjoyable relaxing destination resort. Malaysia is a diverse multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-lingual society, with a diverse range of food cuisines, resorts, arts, crafts, sports and festivals.

The capital is Kuala Lumpur and the its currency is the Malaysian Ringgit. Its population is 30 million plus and the main languages spoken are Malay (majority), Chinese, Indian and other local dialects.

The country has majority followers of the Islamic faith with significant minority faiths such as Buddhism (20%), Christianity (9%) and Hinduism (6%).


The country is presently composed of 13 states and three federal territories, which gained its independence from British colonialist rule in 1957 and one of its islands, Singapore gained further independence as a seperate entity after 1965. It is after 1965 that this ‘Federation of Malaya’ coined the term ‘Malaysia’ for its country. Malaysia has been ruled by various colonialists since the sixteenth century – the Portugese, Dutch and the British before eventually attaining independence after the second world war.

Malaysia’s political system is a legacy of the British rule with an elected parliamentary and monarchy system, both of which are re-elected every five years. It is a member of various international organisations such as the OIC, ASEAN, NAM and the UN.

Malaysia is a large country with vast natural beautiful landscapes, parks, forests, rivers, plants, birds, animals, fungi, fishes and lakes. The diverse natural beauty makes it a popular area for adventures, holidays, exploration and travel destination.

Malaysia is a model of good governance as an economically developed nation encompassing decades of industrial and digital advancements since its independence with an annual average growth above 6%. It continues to develop, grow and diversify its multi-sector economic base, being positioned 20th in the world and 6th in Asia. The country’s infrastructure of schools, hospitals, roads, rail, motorways, technology parks and telecommunications is highly developed as well being a large global exporter of IT communication, semiconductor and electrical device products.

Malaysia is a large hub for the growing Islamic banking industry and the country’s shariah courts have been designed specifically for Muslims, and follow the Shafi school of thought methodology for its Islamic ruling decisions.


Malaysia continues to present itself as a modern Muslim majority society trying to balance its position within the wider contemporary world of equality and diversity, whilst slowly upgrading itself as a global hub for an Islamic economy. It ranks as one of the most developed nations.

Malaysia should be on your list of places to visit – at least once anyway.


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